LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that the US and western countries are launching deliberate attacks blasphemous to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in order to check the advance of Islam.

Addressing the participants of the Character Building workshop organised by the Islamic Education Organisation on Tuesday at Mansoora, the JI leader said that an ideological war was going on all over the world. The western civilization, being hollow and inhuman, had reached the point of destruction while the bright, living and human welfare oriented Islamic teachings had already defeated the western way of life and ideology, he said, adding, “The US is not ready to accept its defeat though.”

Baloch said that the secular lobby and the US slaves in the country were trying to take control of our educational institutions in order to promote the western and Hindu culture and rulers of the country had already begun a campaign against religion and the seminaries just to please the west.

He further said that Urdu was the national language but it could not get its due place in the society because of the intrigues of the rulers and the secular lobby. He demanded that Urdu be given full encouragement and made compulsory language in offices and the courts.

“The JI is widely known as a party which works peacefully, and within the law and the constitution. On the other hand, the extortionists and target killers have pushed Karachi to the verge of destruction,” he claimed, adding that nobody had taken seriously MQM leader Altaf Hussain’s demand for a ban on Jamaat-e-Islami.

Liaqat Baloch said that the persisting petrol crisis indicated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had not learnt a lesson from his past experiences. This petrol crisis was a result of corruption and kickbacks, he further stated.

PU teachers condemn profane caricatures: Punjab University Teachers’ Front has condemned publication of blasphemous caricatures in a satirical French newspaper terming it an extremely condemnable act.

During a meeting of Teachers’ Front on Tuesday, Prof Amir Ejaz, Prof Dr Shazia Qureshi, Dr Hassan Mobeen Alam, Dr Mahboob Hussain and other members condemned the blasphemous act of French publications. The meeting, while censuring this act, termed it a conspiracy to infuriate feelings of Muslims around the world. The meeting also discussed a strategy regarding Academic Staff Association elections scheduled on February 10.