The district administration expressed concerns over negligence of different school teachers, and warned that it would take action against the teachers showing poor results of the annual examinations.

A district officer made a surprising visit to different schools in the rural areas and expressed his sorrow over the poor educational standard in the Govt High School Sagar Kalan. He directed the EDO to transfer the headmaster for his lack of interest in the school affairs.

He said that dedicated teachers would be rewarded and those found negligent would be dealt with sternly. He called upon the teachers to take special attention to improve the standard of education to make them architects of the country.

DEMAND: Class-IV employees of Hafizabad have called upon the government to upgrade their scale as it has upgraded the scales of clerks.

Addressing a press conference, Class-IV Employees Association President Irshad said that the menial staff is performing their duties more than others but their pay scales have not been revised. He demanded increase in their salaries and other benefits otherwise they would be constrained to stage protest demonstration.