Charsadda attack: 'Blood of how many innocents do you need my beloved land'

I am afraid when they do see the light it may be too late

2016-01-21T15:22:29+05:00 Aamir Butt

Just over one year ago when Army Public School was attacked we were told that this is a desperate act by the militants who are on their last legs. Well the militants have conclusively rebutted such nonsense. And while Zarb-e-Azab keeps going (1 year, 7 months, 4 days and counting) the Jihadi terrorism shows no signs of abating. How long will it be before people realise that bombs cannot kill the ideology which breeds these men? How long will it be before the supporters of Army pause and start asking their holy cow some questions?

I am sure a foreign hand will be seen behind this atrocity, like others before, and after shifting the blame we can shrug our shoulders and get on with our lives. While involvement of external agencies cannot be denied, do we ever ask how these agencies convince men to kill others and themselves?

We create ridiculous theories to convince ourselves that the killers are not Muslims. When lots of suicide bombings were going on one of my friends, a PhD and professor told me that he has conclusive evidence that the perpetrators were not Muslims because none of them was circumcised! 

I am afraid it is not that simple. We have created these monsters over the years to fight our jihadi wars in other countries. Now they have turned against us. However, there still exist enough people of influence who do not want to get rid of the jihadi ideology, believing that it can still be used in a positive way to benefit Pakistan and Islam. 

It is time that such thoughts are conclusively banished.

I am afraid when they do see the light it may be too late.

Meanwhile it is business as usual, and innocents get slaughtered every day.

In the words of Faiz the victims of Chardada, APS and all others ask the questions:

Tujh ko kitnon ka lahu chahiye ae arz-e-watan

jo teray aariz-e-bayrung ko gulnaar karen

Kitnee aahoon say kalejaa tera thunda ho gaa

kitnay aansoo teray sehraaon ko gulzaar karen

Hum to majboor-e-wafa hein mugar ae jaan-e-jahaan

apnay ushshaaq say aysay bhee koee karta hai

Teree mehfil ko Khuda rakhay abad tak qaaim

hum to mehmaan hein gharee bhar kay hamara kya hai

[Blood of how many innocents do you need my beloved land

to change your colourless face into rosy cheeked

How many sighs will extinguish the fire of hate

how many tears are needed to turn your desserts into orchids

We are shackled by our love but my beloved

is that how you treat your lovers

May the Lord keep you till the end of time

we are just visitors for a second, who cares about us]

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