The good news is that Chinese President Xi Jinping has landed in Riyadh. He manages to bring sanity to wherever he goes, and the leading lights of the House of Saud these days need at least a truckload of it. Pakistan’s initiative to mediate their recent row with Iran might have done its bit but it was hardly the truckload they need. Hopefully, President Xi’s visit will have the required sobering effect.

More good news: President Xi will conclude his Middle East visit in Tehran, the other end of the current stand-off in the region. The cherry on the top is that between his engagements in Riyadh and Tehran, he is scheduled to address the Arab League in Cairo as well. God only knows how it all pans out but one thing is certain; it is balm that China offers to this region in flames.

The ineffective and disunited bloc of Arab countries could actually breathe some life into itself if it were to borrow a leaf out of the Arab Policy Paper released by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ahead of President Xi’s visit. Among other worldly things like economic and development cooperation that their ruined countries direly need, it offers support for the forgotten goal of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem and spanning the pre-1967 borders.

China is not the only country talking about Palestine. Putin’s Russia is also bringing it back to the table. The Palestinian people enjoy overwhelming support in the UN and even the European allies of the US are recognizing their right to an independent state as promised to them by the international community. Those wishing to brush the state of Palestine under the carpet, or to keep discussing it till doomsday, are unlikely to have their way. Hopefully, President Xi will make the Arab leaders sit up and take note when he addresses them in Cairo.

For those who consider justice a redundant commodity, this might not matter that much. Their universe is constructed with numbers; volume of trade and investment, stocks and currency exchange rates, debt and development indices and what not. Though China is pretty high even in numbers and offers robust opportunities for regional development that others on the world stage could only dream of, the ideological moorings on which it stands and engages with the world cannot, and must not, be ignored. A good way to understand their significance is to compare the Chinese vision to what the US still stands for.

For his last state of the unions address to the American Congress, President (read Corporate Puppet) Obama deserves a zero for leadership. Rather than understanding the emerging realities of a multi-polar world and saying goodbye to the arrogance of US exceptionalism, he reaffirmed its self-proclaimed role of a world policeman, bent upon riding roughshod over the interests of every other country in the world and painting the entire world in its fraudulent hues of ‘freedom and democracy’. Compare this to China’s clear stance on respect for the sovereignty of other states and non-interference in the political evolution of societies.

Where China brings the promise of win-win economic cooperation in a peaceful world, the US has only shady trade deals, more wars and violence to offer in the garb of world leadership. In his address, like a prophet of doom, or a practitioner of black-magic breathing a curse, Obama prophesied the continuation of turmoil in many parts of the world, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, for decades. Isn’t it a part of the job of leaders to bring hope by imagining a better world and acting to realize it?

Of course, Obama doesn’t have a crystal ball and even if he did only God knows where things would stand in the next decades. The sordid scenarios described by him are the scenarios that Uncle Sam plans to create. They are more like a wish-list. It doesn’t make sense for the leader of a country that claims to be the sole superpower sounding so helpless and resigned. Aren’t you supposed to have what it takes to shape the future of our world and turn it around, Mr Obama?

What the hell is your job as the President of the all mighty United States of America? Just bringing the world bad news and then acting to make those nightmares come true? Thank God for Putin’s Russia and China who not only have what it takes to stand up to the world bully but are also aware of their responsibility to lead the world to a better place.

What makes it even better is the fact that the two countries also have a sense of dignity and confidence. They are rooted in great civilizations and ideals of collective good. They are articulating values that are essential for not only healthy societies but also a peaceful world. Surely, the future of the world will be defined by Russia and China, and countries that align themselves with their vision. As for the US and its diehard allies, they can drag their feet as much as they like but they can’t stop the change that is banging the door.

Bernie Sanders is the only one in the current presidential race who promises change and a responsible leadership for the American people. But the presidential election in the US being the big-bucks circus that it is, he has an uphill task at hand. The odds have been stacked up against him by the corporate-driven American establishment determined to catapult their hawk-stooge Hillary Clinton to presidency. So it’s a good thing that China is waking up to its responsibility.

After the slap-on-the-face the US got from Putin’s Russia, China’s involvement would clip the wings of US unilateralism further. So even if Hillary comes to rule the roost in America, her ability to wreak havoc on the world would be seriously limited. We all must thank God for that. And of course, we must not forget to thank our knight in shining armor, President Putin of Russia, and China, the sleeping giant who is slowly but surely rising from its bamboo-curtain slumber.