“He told you to cut the head off the snake.”

–Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Adel-Al-Jubeir conveying the

former King Abdullah’s message to the US about Iran, 2008.

Iran and Saudi Arabia’s relationship has been tumultuous for a long time. Iran’s pursuit to make its own nuclear bomb was a source of constant discomfort for the kingdom. The two countries initially began diplomatic relations in 1929, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s when the two started interacting properly. The relationship was at its most positive during from 1968-1979, when King Faisal and the Shah of Iran visited each other’s country, but Iran’s modernization of its military and the repossession of its islands in 1971 started a conflict with UAE, which remains unresolved even now. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the relationship evolved into what it is today; Saudi Arabia openly expressing its distate for Iran and its Shia-dominated government and Iran doing the same for Saudi Arabia’s ‘wahabbi policies’. The Iran-Iraq war and Saudi Arabia’s support for Iraq was the final nail in the coffin.