Cases of extra judicial killings in Pakistan are coming to the forefront after the hues and cries of the public. People can only remain silent on the unjust killing of their family members for so long. After the unjust killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud by SSP Malir Rao Anwar, officials have found out that the suspect of Iman murder case killed in the encounter might not be the man behind the crime. This is a huge question mark on the credibility of the police force and their ability to investigate a case.

Public outrage puts pressure on the officials to resolve cases but instead of effectively investigating the crime and finding the actual culprit, the police can’t seem to resist the temptation of a quick fix by arranging false encounters – which end up taking innocent lives. By doing this, they do not realise that they are not only putting their title in question but they are also taking away the trust that public has in the institution of the police force. This is precisely why the public is wary of police officials and even ends up taking matters of justice in their own hands.

When an individual is appointed by the state, he is given certain responsibilities and along with those responsibilities comes authority. It is their duty to use this authority in the right manner and if they fail to do so, they are not worthy of the position that they are given.

The government needs to look into the matter and keep a check on individuals who misuse their authority. They are endangering lives and taking away the right of a free trial from the citizens which are guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan. The officials responsible for such decisions need to held accountable for premeditated killing of innocent citizens.