It is good to note that economic health is safe, and bright on account of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) related activities in the country.

This positive, encouraging and happy as well as quite appreciable statement has been attributed to newly-appointed Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs Dr. Miftah Ismail in an interview published in the newspapers on Tuesday.

Responding to US President Donald Trump’s first tweet of 2018, the advisor said that Islamabad had sought no more financial assistance from Washington because its economic health is safe and bright and there is no truth in President Trump’s claim of giving Pakistan 33 billion dollars aid in last 15 years. He has quite rightly pointed out that out of this, more than half is on account of Coalition Support Programme and Pakistan got reimbursed 14 billion dollars against huge expenses of 21 billion dollars incurred on the war against terror meaning thereby that Washington ought to pay 7 billion dollars more to Islamabad.

He has further emphatically pointed out that after 9/11, Pakistan had emerged as the frontline state against terrorism to ensure global peace and faced a colossal loss of more than 100 billion dollars to its economy other than he huge loss of over 50 thousand precious lives of troops, policemen, officials of other security agencies and civilians including women and children. Additionally, Pakistan has also provided many more services to the US as well including Pakistan’s military bases, related infrastructure and the roads for the supply of ammunition and food for US-led NATO forces.

As a matter of fact, the false claim has been made by the President of the big country which can be termed as the biggest country, biggest personality and the biggest false claim.

M.Z.RIFAT, Lahore, January 2.