“French citizens performing their

cooperation work in Karachi in Pakistan were victims of a murderous, cowardly,

odious terrorist attack.”

–Jacques Chirac- French President

 If May of 2002 would be regarded as a havoc for the families of the westerners working in Pakistan, it would not be wrong. 2002 saw a series of bombing against the foreign engineers and scientists working in Pakistan on some sophisticated instalments. Unfortunately, the incident compelled the foreign governments to call back the engineers to their home countries. During all this, an institution of Pakistan that suffered most was Pakistan Navy often called the poor child of Pakistan armed forces.

The French engineers who died in May 2002 bus bombing were actually working on the construction of Agosta 90B class submarines. These were the submarines for which some officer in Navy tarnished the name of the institution by involving themselves in a corruption scandal known as Karachi Scandal. Historically, Pakistani submarine fleet has proved itself as the vigilant vanguard to deter the threat from the Indian Navy.

Recently, Pakistan has decided to induct eight submarines from China, but one wonders that why Pakistan does not build its own submarines when it has the Transfer of Technology right for Agosta 90B.