GN LOS ANGELES - Rachel Weisz wants to star in a movie like ‘Wonder Woman’ and says the superhero saga was her favourite film of 2017. The 47-year-old actress was blown away by Patty Jenkins’ superhero saga - which featured Gal Gadot in the lead role - and would love to work on something similar. But though Rachel has her own production company, she insists it isn’t the type of film she could make happen herself.

She said: ‘’I’m totally open to doing the big movies. Maybe I was more in the mood for smaller, more character-driven movies, but now I’m quite in the mood for a... But I just can’t make it happen. Someone has to offer it to me.

‘’And I can’t produce one of those. I wouldn’t know how to do that.’’

Asked if she’d like a movie like ‘Wonder Woman’, she said: ‘’Yeah, definitely. It was good to see that a movie with a female character at the centre can make tons of money. We’re not some weird outlier group. We’re half the planet!’’

The ‘Mercy’ star - who is married to Daniel Craig and has son Henry, 11, with former partner Darren Aronofsky - admitted ‘Wonder Woman’ was the first time she had ‘’really enjoyed’’ an action movie because the titular character and her alter ego Diana Prince resonated with her, and she loved the film so much she would happily watch it every day.

She told Empire magazine: ‘’’Wonder Woman’ was my favourite film of the year. I thought that was completely magnificent. ‘’It’s the first time I’ve really enjoyed an action film because I could identify with the character. ‘’She was a little brunette tomboy and then she became a superhero and I was like, ‘Yeah’.

‘’I realised that’s why men like action movies. They think it’s them.

‘’But I find it really hard to identify with a man. With ‘Wonder Woman’, me and other women and little girls all across the world, they think it’s them.

‘’When she ran through the trenches in the First World War, I just cried. I was so moved by it. ‘’I thought it was beautiful, exciting, fun, sexy, glamorous, escapist... I could watch it every day.’’