CM LOS ANGELES - Rihanna is reportedly planning to move to London to spend more time with her boyfriend.

The ‘Work’ hitmaker is ‘’done’’ with living in Los Angeles and her partner Hassan Jameel already spends a lot of time in the UK, so she’s keen to make it their ‘’base’’ when she isn’t working.

A source said: ‘’The move has a lot to do with Hassan, because it’s where they love to meet for romantic breaks and he’s in London so much, he practically lives there himself already. ‘’But aside from romantic reasons, it’s also making sense to Rihanna from a business perspective.

‘’She loves British culture and feels done with the fakeness of Hollywood. For her, the ideal situation would be to divide her time between Europe and her base, and she’s very keen for London to be their base.’’ And the 29-year-old star won’t be short of friends in London if she does make the move, but the big factor for her is that she can be much more anonymous in the UK than she is in the US.

The source told LOOK magazine: ‘’She does have friends in LA, but she’s become very close to Cara Delevingne and has been pals with Naomi Campbell for quite a while now. ‘’What Rihanna loves about London is the anonymity. She can put on a wooly hat and jump on the tube.

‘’Rihanna has always been down-to-earth and the idea of being able to live less like a celebrity and more like a normal person is seriously appealing to her.’’ Rihanna already owns an apartment in the city, but is planning to sell up for something more private where she can spend quality time with Hassan, 29. The insider said: ‘’Ri already has an apartment in London right now but she wants a more secluded place where they can be together when they’re both in town.’’