MANDI BAHAUDDIN - There is great rush of sugarcane-loaded tractor-trolleys reaching Shahtaj Sugar Mills here due to lack of parking space for the mills.

Therefore, the loaded tractor-trolleys are parked on the roads that extend up to about 12 kilometre area, waiting for their turn to reach the mills. As a result, the flow of traffic on Sargodha-Mandi Bahauddin Road, Phalia-Mandi Bahauddin Road, Malakwal Mandi Bahauddin Road greatly disturbs the traffic flow causing frequent traffic jams that had become a routine of every day.

When tractor- trolleys overturn due to the sugarcane spreads on the roads and traffic is completely blocked that continue for hours till unloading and reloaded completes. These traffic jams not only create difficulties for commuters but also cause accidents. Several accidents have taken place claiming lives of road users since the start of the mills operation.

People have urged the mills management to arrange parking area for trolleys by taking adjacent land on lease to end traffic jams on roads and facilitate smooth flow of traffic. They have also appealed to Punjab Government to direct the mills management to provide parking area for tractor trolleys coming to the mills.