Balochi, which is our native language, is neglected in all aspects; Neither it is taught in the schools nor it is valued in other institutions.

Every nation recognizability will be by it’s language. But unfortunately, it seems that it is under assault and it’s recognization is endangered in the world. Each nation has rights to read and learn motherland language. But the worrisome talk is this

We mostly run behind other languages. Like,English that dominates in the world and needs to be learnt but we must bear in mind that if somebody’s language doesn’t exist then the nation is also known to be dead. If we don’t concentrate it we will not only loss it’s existence but also our culture’s recognization.

Gone are the days when we were taught in Balochi language and it is hard to mention that Balochi is rarely taught to the current schools of Baloch and one can hardly encounter a single Baloch speaking Balochi fluently. The concerned authorities should tackle this issue on an urgent basis and work for the improvement of it.


Balochistan, January 11.