Chief Minister (CM) Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani has expresses his disappointment over the attitude of the federal government’s departments. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even the allies of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lament the federal government’s tepid response to the recent climatic calamities? Are we not hearing the echoes of history in the statement of Pakistan’s most impoverished province’s CM when he says “Islamabad had left Balochistan alone?”

If anything, this statement should force the federal government to rethink its policies and priorities. Unfortunately, Pakistani authorities are not noted for introspection and rather disapprove of it. But doing so is what the fierce urgency of now demands from the party that is ruling the centre. Otherwise, the sense of marginalisation in Balochistan will further increase. Imagine, if a mainstream political party and sitting CM is showing disappointing in the attitude of the federal government, then the situation is seriously troublesome.

Many in the province already are firm believers in “Balochistan’s endless exploitation in the hands of the Islamabad.” A few optimists believed that the PTI government would prove another party that enjoys masses’ support in all provinces. However, Mr Alyani’s words leave no further room for such optimism any more. Nearly one and a half year after coming into power, the PTI — unconditionally supported by both Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) and Balochistan National Party (BNP), the ruling and the main opposition parties — still falls short of the pledge it has made in chapter three of its election manifesto: “Champion reconciliation in Balochistan.”

The snowfall-hit areas provide one opportunity to the PTI government to prove that Balochistan was on the top of its priority list. But the PTI government lost the chance. It was heartbreaking hearing the CM Balochistan that the federal government had proved that his province had never been under its consideration. Honestly, one can hardly disagree.

One can imagine well the fate of the promises that PTI made before coming to power. Most of them, if not all, have already put on the backburner. Still, for the greater common good, there is no harm in reminding the PTI government that Balochistan needs its utmost attention. It is about time to come into action to alleviate the increasing sense of marginalization in the political leadership of the province. After the harsh accusations that the CM Balochistan has levelled against Islamabad, the latter can no longer ignore this province.