KARACHI       -         Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labour Saeed Ghani has said that the ‘irresponsible’ behaviour of federal ministers over the wheat flour crisis is highly condemnable.

Talking to journalists here on Monday, the provincial minister for information said that if the federal government was not able to resolve the crisis immediately, its ministers should not have made non-serious statements.

The minister said if the wheat flour crisis persisted only in Sindh, then the Sindh government could have been blamed, but it was foolish to declare the Sindh government responsible for the crisis that had hit the entire country.

The provincial minister for information said that he had already informed that the transporters’ strike was the only reason for the wheat flour crisis in Sindh, adding that as the transporters had ended their strike, the crisis would be resolved soon.

He said that 0.4 millions tones of wheat was to be  transported to Sindh,  but only 0.1 million tonnes could be supplied due to strike by the transporters.

Ghani said that more than 0.1 million bags of wheat had arrived in the province, while the remaining bags would also reach in the province soon via the NLC trucks, after which there would be no crisis of wheat in Sindh.

Provincial Minister for Information said that wheat flour crisis in Punjab was caused by the incompetence and mismanagement of the Punjab government.

He said that wheat, which was meant for the people of Punjab, continued to be sent to the seed factories as well as to the provinces of KP and Balochistan.