ISLAMABAD            -       MQM-P wants federal government to arrange conducting five percent audit of sixth population census before formally notifying it in the upcoming CCI’s meeting.

The members in last long-due CCI’s meeting, around a month before, could not reach on consensus to notifying 6th population census of the country. MQM-P, numerically important coalition partner in centre, has visibly created trouble in the ranks of ruling party (PTI) as MQM’s chief Khalid Maqbool suddenly left federal cabinet.

MQM-P, Sindh-based party in its grievances, has recently asked the ruling party’s senior members to immediately conduct five percent audit of 6th population census.

MQM-P’s spokesman Aminul Haq said the audit of population census should be carried out as it had been agreed upon by the federal government. The party has reservations on blocks and voters shown in the provisional result of census. As the provisional results of the census showed that the population of Karachi was 14.91 million.

The federal government has ample time to address the reservations of MQM-P. The last CCI was held in December, 2019 and constitutionally the CCI’s meeting has to meet after every 90 days.

Talking to this newspaper, Secretary IPC ministry said the agenda related to population consensus was not taken up. The next agenda for the meeting has still not prepared. Whereas, the MQM-P in its recent demands has population census related matter at the top.

It may be mentioned here PPP-P has also reservations over not conducting audit of 6th population census as assured by the government. Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah had separately held a meeting with Prime Minister over the same matter, before the meeting of Council of Common Interest (CCI).

The federal government in these days facing multiple economic and political challenges. The allied partners’ including MQM-P, PML-Q and GDA have separately expressed their grievances on different matters.