KARACHI      -         Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the Sindh government, instead of controlling the wheat flour crisis, is making misleading statements. Addressing a press conference here outside the Sindh Assembly on Monday, alongside PTI MPAs Dr Saeed Afridi, Rasibtan Khan, Ali Aziz, Malik Shahzad Abbas Jaffery, Bilal Ghafar, Riaz Haider, Adeel Ahmed and others, he said the wheat flour crisis had gone from bad to worse during the last three to four days, but the government of Sindh was blaming the federal government to hide its own incompetence. “Corruption is a disease from which the ruling PPP is infected,” he commented. “We have already told the people which elements are behind this crisis. The politics of PPP begins with corruption and finishes on corruption,” he alleged. He said there was a shortage of medicines in the Sindh health department. Besides that cases of AIDS/HIV and dog bite were being reported from all over the province. He said Karachi, the megacity, had already turned into a big heap of garbage. Sheikh said in fact these rulers had left no stone unturned to increase hunger and poverty in Sindh through their corrupt practices.  He said even if they find out they have an opportunity to embezzle funds meant for gutter cleaning, they would eagerly grab it. The PTI leader said that no procurement of wheat was made last year. He said this mafia stocked wheat and sold it when rates were higher. Resultantly, the poor people have to suffer a lot. He said the NAB had already recovered Rs8billion after arresting some characters of wheat flour corruption mafia through plea bargain. He said that the NAB had also recovered wheat of worth Rs10billion. He said the rulers of Sindh were befooling people of this province. He said there was no strike by the transporters which the Sindh government says was responsible for the wheat flour crisis. He said Saeed Ghani should confirm that there was no strike by NLC truck drivers. He said the Sindh government had simply not lifted its wheat stock from the godowns of Passco for three months. The PTI leader said the Sindh government claimed that 400000 tonnes of stocked wheat was eaten by mice.

 Sheikh said one million tonnes of wheat had already reached Sindh. He said ensuring the provision of wheat to flour mills and consumers was the responsibility of the provincial government. He said people of Sindh were buying wheat flour, normally costing Rs34per kg, at a very high rate of Rs80 per kg, and the PPP was blaming the federal government for the crisis.

He said it was the preceding government which had inked an agreement to supply wheat to Afghanistan.

He said even today wheat was provided to fake flour mills in Sindh on the basis of commission and kickbacks. He said they would continue to expose the ugly face of the Sindh government behind the wheat flour crisis.

Sheikh said if wheat flour on official rate is not made available to people from today, we will announce out next line of action.

 He said the Sindh government wants an IGP which could act as their slave. He said the government of Sindh along with its different departments has already been proved as a failure and instead of giving relief to masses they are sucking blood of poor people of Sindh.