NEW YORK - A US military review calls for overhauling the troubled American-run prison at Bagram Air Base, which has become an ominous symbol for Afghans, The New York Times reported Monday. The development is in response to concerns over abuse of detainees and the militarys belief that the Taliban is recruiting militants in the prisons, the newspaper said, citing US officials. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sent a confidential message last week to all of the military service chiefs and senior field commanders asking them to redouble their efforts to alert troops to the importance of treating detainees properly, the report said. Maj Gen Douglas Stone was credited with a successful overhaul of the notorious American detention practices in Iraq and is entrusted with reviewing detention details in Afghanistan. General Stones report has not been made public. It is being read by senior American officials, and recommends separating extremist militants from more moderate detainees, two American officials who have read or been briefed on his report told The NYT. Plans call for the United States to finance and construct a new Afghan-run prison for the extremists. These prisoners are using the Afghan corrections system as a camp to train other inmates to become deadly militants, the American officials said. The remaining inmates are to be taught vocational skills and offered other classes. They would also be taught about moderate Islam with the intent of releasing them into society, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the reviews findings had not been released publicly. The recommendations coincide with American officials fears that overcrowded Afghan-run prisons will be overwhelmed by groups of new prisoners captured in the American-led offensive in southern Afghanistan, a place where thousands of marines are battling Taliban fighters.