ISLAMABAD - The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) while expressing its concern over the non-appointment of permanent chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) has demanded the appointment of in-service professor or an educationist as permanent chairman. The FAPUASA, which is a representative body of around 11000 lecturers and professors of the all the public sector universities across the country, has condemned the apathy of the present elected government towards higher education and problems of the lecturers and professors. The president of FAPUASA, Kalimullah Bareech, talking to TheNation said the education sector has never been the priority of the government and so far the present democratic government has not been able to appoint any permanent chairman of the commission. Terming the appointment of Shehnaz Wazir Ali, HEC In-Charge, a political appointment, the association has demanded the removal of Shehnaz Wazir Ali and appointment of a permanent chairman. Bareech said the HEC is ignoring the teachers association in policy making which is one of the main stakeholders. Instead of resolving the longstanding issues concerning the university lecturers and professors, HEC is adding to them. He said the process of appointment of vice chancellors is not transparent and the government is following the footsteps of previous undemocratic government. He pointed out that for the last 22 years none of the Vice Chancellor of the Sindh University has been an academician and the present VC Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqi is also a retired bureaucrat who has been given extension for the fourth time. The president of the association stressed that the offices of the Governors of the provinces and chancellors be separated in view of the increased number of universities in all four provinces and full time Chancellors should be appointed. The professors of all the public sector universities, especially those from Sindh and Punjab, who do not meet the new appointment criteria of the HEC should be awarded personal grades. The salaries and allowances of employees of the public sector universities from all provinces must be uniformed and houses should be built for the teachers of the public sector universities and loans be given to them for constructing their own houses, he added. And the teachers of Balochistan Universities should be given the facility of the house requisition on the pattern of all the public sector universities in Pakistan. The body also has been demanding to abolition of Quality Enhancement Cells introduced in the public sector universities by the commission as the cells allegedly have become useless burden on universities exchequers.