LAHORE - The PML-N has hushed up a number of cases wherein its parliamentarians forcibly stopped government officials from executing their demolition operations, probably to avoid any further scandal involving party members. MPA Rana Tajammul Hussain, Ajasam Sharif and Bilal Yaseen of the PML-N were found involved in illegal construction cases and harassing the officials of the departments, which launched operation against land mafia. But soon their names were omitted from the list of the people against whom the officials recommended legal action including registration of cases. Sources claimed that the said PML-N parliamentarians were spared after interference from some influential quarters. Sources privy to the development revealed that last month PML-N MPA Rana Tajammul Hussain and Chief Ministers Coordinator Waheed Gul was found involved in stopping a demolition operation planned by the Revenue Department against the illegal constructions built on thousands of acres of state land at Harbanspura. However, the case against them was consigned to cold storage after the intervention of party big guns. The sources said that PML-N leaders got embarrassed after Ajasam Sharif was nominated in an application filed by an LDA (Lahore Development Authority) enforcement officer seeking registration of case against him and others under the charges of attacking LDA Demolition Squad and hindering their operation against illegal construction on states land in Mustafa Town, Harbanspura a few days back. As the PML-N leadership, the sources said, could not afford more scandals, therefore, the LDA high-ups were influenced to brush this issue under the carpet. They added that under the directions, LDA bigwigs got prepared a new application withdrawing the name of MPA Ajasam Sharif. Since this new application still included the names of the accomplices of Ajasam Sharif, so authorities interested in hushing up the issue got another application drafted. But this time against unknown people skipping the name of everyone who was nominated in the first application filed by the enforcement officer of LDAs Directorate of Enforcement, the sources added. The other day LDA Director General Omer Rasool transferred and posted a number of officers, who suggested legal action against the PML-N parliamentarians, on a plea that reshuffle was meant to improve the overall functioning of the LDA. But in a way he was realising the threats of dire consequences hurled by the said PML-N MPAs. LDA Director Enforcement Ahmed Aziz Tarar who was showing administrative activism was replaced by Director Quaid-e-Azam Town Khawaja Javaid Aslam. It is worth mentioning that Ahmed Aziz Tarar was the Director Estate Management-I, LDA with additional charge of the post of Director Enforcement, LDA since the establishment of Directorate of Enforcement mandated to take stern action against land grabbing mafia. According to the details, enforcement officer in LDAs Directorate of Enforcement Nisar Ahmed filed an application recommending registration of an FIR under Anti-terrorism Act against Ajasam Sharif and others in the Hanjarwal Police Station. He had also forwarded a detailed report duly signed by every member of the demolition squad, who was engaged in the operation work, to LDA higher authorities. The report revealed that Nisar Ahmed along with assistant estate officers Muhammad Shah and Muhammad Shoaib, enforcement inspectors Rana Mushtaq, Salim, Sheikh Yousaf, Munawar, Mian Shahzad and other squad members reached the government land, plot numbers 450 449, 448, Shahbaz Block, Mustafa Town, where illegal construction was underway. The report disclosed that before the LDA personnel had started their operation, a former LDA employee Amjad Abdullah and Akhtar Nawaz Goga accompanied by their accomplices reached the site, resisted the operation with arms, and manhandled the squad. And due to non-availability of police force, the LDA officials had to stop their work. Nisar Ahmad in his report said that PML-N MPA and Parliamentary Secretary Ajasam Sharif telephoned and threatened him of dire consequences. Enforcement Inspector Mian Shahzad also submitted his report to LDAs Directorate of Enforcement that one day before the operation, Ajasam Sharif accompanied by his accomplices visited his house and warned him not to undertake the demolition work. When contacted Ajasam Sharif replied that he called the LDA employee on the insistence of a voter. However, he denied threatening him of dire consequences.