ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is all set to enforce Environmental Protection Regulations 2008 shortly to curb the growing environmental degradation in the federal capital, empowering its environment wing to issue tickets to the polluters. According to a senior CDA official, the Authority has formulated new environmental laws to check all types of pollution in the federal capital and the CDAs Law wing is working on the methods of their implementation. Everything is final about the Environmental Protection Regulations. We are just in the process to finalize the practical aspects. No doubt, they would prove effective to minimize the pollution level in the federal capital, said the official. He said under the new laws, the environment directorate of the CDA would be authorized to issue ticket to the violators, for which, previously, the CDA had to move to environment ministry. He said due to procedural complications, it used to take months to take action against any violator, polluting the environment of the capital city, prompting the CDA to formulate its own regulations. He said the new laws authorize the civic body to impose fine valuing Rs 100 to 100,000, according to the severity of the violation. After issuing ticket to the violator, the CDA would refer it to the special senior magistrate that would decide the volume of fine to be imposed on the violator, said the official. He said by formulating new laws, the CDA would not undermine the role of the concerned ministry rather the civic body would also inform the ministry regarding the violation that may also proceed against it, adding that the new laws have also been formulated in consultation with the Pak-EPA. The official said the regulations have been derived from Environment Protection Act 1997 and has been prepared under CDAs Ordinance 1960 as a number of violations were not covered in this ordinance. He said under the new laws, the civic body would even be authorized to take action against the vehicle creating huge noise or emitting smoke more than the prescribed level. According to the new laws, we may also proceed against the factories discharging hazardous emissions, effluent, organic or inorganic wastes causing air, land or water pollution, he added. It also cover the violation of building laws relating to the environment that includes wall chalking, damaging green areas, landscape, trees, plants by grazing or keeping animals or by parking vehicles or dumping debris, discharge of any dangerous chemical in drains, watercourses or public land, supply of contaminated drinking water, irrigation of crops with sewer water, cleaning of vehicle or release of water on road, sale of unsafe drinks and eatables, establishment of brick kilns, limekilns.