Every patriotic Pakistani of this sacred soil would agree that New Delhi and Islamabad never had or will ever have friendly relations with each other. There are several reasons for such low state of relations between the two neighbouring countries. One being that since the partition, the Indian leadership has not been able to reconcile with the idea of a Muslim State in its neighbourhood. Be it Kashmir issue, UN Resolutions for granting the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris, Liaquat-Nehru Pact, Indus Water Treaty or any other step taken to normalise the relations between the two countries the result has never been positive in any manner whatsoever. There have been rounds and rounds of talks at various levels for resolving the Kashmir issue but the lingering problem is still far from being resolved as New Delhi keeps harping on the slogan that "Kashmir is our integral part" (Utoot Ang). India would never avoid holding dialogues and conferences even on Kashmir but at the same time would not budge even an inch from its oft-stated stance over the disputed territory. Those who have and are presently advocating friendly relations between India and Pakistan are living in a fool's paradise. It is important to understand that good relations between two countries can only be maintained through mutual respect and regard for each others freedom and sovereignty. It is also a matter of bitter record that though the US has been and is a so-called ally of Pakistan but Washington has all along been inclined mostly towards India. They accepted India as an atomic power way back in 1974 but still have not conceded to the idea of Pakistan, an Islamic country, becoming an atomic power. So Pakistanis, better be true sons and daughters of the soil irrespective of being Muslims and belonging to other religions. First and foremost, be united and integrated and build an economically strong Pakistan. It is only then India and the other countries would be forced to show due regard and reverence for your sovereignty, freedom and independence. Keep the green and white national flag flying high and still higher and become proud Pakistanis. The writer is a freelance columnist