ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has sent its Ambassador in Kabul, Muhammad Sadiq, to Panjsher valley, a stronghold of Afghanistan National Front (formerly known as Northern Alliance and considered to be anti-Islamabad) in a bid to normalise its relations with the strong political force in the neighbouring state. Pakistans Ambassador to Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq visited Panjsher on 19th July 2009. All officers of the embassy accompanied the Ambassador during the visit, said an official statement issued here on Monday. During the visit, Ambassador called on the Governor of Panjsher, laid floral wreath and offered fateha on the grave of Ahmad Shah Masood Shaheed, and met notable elders from Panjsher. Masood, the eminent Afghan leader, and others in the Northern Alliance would not hesitate in venting their anti-Pakistan ill feelings before 2001 when the former Afghan ruling militia was ousted from Kabul by the US troops for what they believed Islamabads strong backing and support for Taliban Supreme Commander Mullah Omar and his followers. Even after the defeat of Taliban, the Northern Alliance kept a distance from Islamabad and became closer to India. Pakistani envoys travel to Panjsher and, especially, homage paid by him to Masood would help Islamabads efforts aimed at reaching out to all Afghan political forces, said an official here desiring not to be named. According to official statement, Governor Panjsher Haji Bahlol Bahij welcomed the Ambassador and his delegation in his office. Ambassador Sadiq, while thanking the Governor for warm welcome and hospitality, said that Pakistan had friendship with all Afghan brothers. He underlined that common religion, language, culture, traditions and history bonded the two peoples strongly and no one could separate them from each other. He said the two countries were facing a common enemy in the form of terrorism and needed close cooperation to defeat it. The Ambassador appreciated the struggle of Ahmad Shah Masood Shaheed and the people of Panjsher valley in defeating the Soviet forces, the statement said. The establishment of a Vocational Training Institute at Panjsher was also discussed to help the people of the area receive skills in different areas such as computer, carpentry, welding and other fields. Governor Haji Bahlol described the visit of Pakistan Ambassador as a great honour for the people of Panjsher. He said the establishment of vocational training institute would be a milestone for the educational progress in the area. He appreciated that Pakistan had greatly supported Afghan brothers during Jihad against Soviets and was still hosting Afghan refugees. He agreed on the need for cooperation in the fight against terrorism. He said Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Masood and Pakistans Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto were both martyred by the terrorists. He remained with Pakistani Ambassador and his delegation throughout the visit. He also introduced Ambassador to the notable elders of Panjsher, according to the statement.