THERE have been rumours that Maulana Fazlullah has been heard delivering sermons spewing venom against the Army on FM radio in Swat. The Army is trying to find out whether it is an older recording that has been played, or a new one. But if the transmission happens to be new, it would belie the claims made by the Army and the government that he had been seriously wounded and was no longer able to head the Swat chapter of the TTP. A week ago, the military spokesman had informed the media that Maulana Fazlullah was critically hurt during a search operation, but it was quite shocking when a few days later he himself issued a report saying he was in good heath and was busy carrying out activities against the Army. Thus it appears as if the government is randomly disseminating information without bothering to check whether it is true or not. This would have a very demoralizing effect on those who are helping the government in its fight against militancy.