AS Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman of the 26/11 strikes, confessed to his role and named others involved in it, Pakistan said his statements are one-sided and that it cannot take any action based on the confessions of a person who is under pressure, report The Times of India and Zee News. Pakistan also dismissed Kasabs confession as an attempt by him to save his skin and had no credibility. Reacting to statements made by Ajmal Kasab in a Special Court in Mumbai, Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar said they are one-sided and I dont know how much one can value them (statements) in the court of law. The statements are one-sided and they were made by a person who is under the custody of Indian jail authorities. If he has stood up and given this statement I dont know under what pressure he was, he told an Indian television channel. The Minister said India should handover all the evidence it has in connection with the Mumbai attacks to Pakistan as Islamabad is committed to punish all those involved in the strikes. Talking to a news channel, Defence Minister Mukhtar said there cannot be any credibility of the statement of a person who has changed his statements a couple of times, referring to Kasabs flip flop in court. He, however, added that if a crime is committed in any country then that country has a right to act as per the law of land. The Minister, though promising to take action against every terrorist, termed it inappropriate to take action against those named by Kasab and based in Pakistan saying that one cannot crack down on groups on the basis of confessions by a person behind bars. They (confessions) are no evidences. These were provided by a person who is behind the bars. We cannot crackdown on people based on his statements, he said. Replying to a question whether Kasabs admission will help Pakistan in its probe, the Defence Minister said the Interior Ministry is dealing with the issue and it was in touch with the Indian authorities to get as much information as possible and get hold of all the people involved in this criminal activity (Mumbai attacks).