KARACHI - Sindh Industries and Commerce Minister Rauf Siddiqui on Monday reviewed outstanding dues to the tenants of SITE and directed the officials to make sincere efforts for the recovery heavy outstanding dues that amounting to Rs1.2 billion (Rs1200 million). Chairing a meeting, he vehemently criticised the apathy on the part of government, semi government, other autonomous bodies and private sector industrialists who have failed to settle long outstanding claims of SITE on account of rent, development charges, fees and penalties. Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (Guarantee) Limited was formed in 1947 under the then companies Act 1913 with a main function to acquire land and develop it by construction of roads and other infrastructures to facilitate Industrial growth. The revenue generated by way of rents, fees, charges & penalties etc is consumed in up-keeping and developing new Estates in Sindh. Over the years considerable number of tenants both governmental and non-governmental have stopped paying dues owing to over all deterioration of industrial growth in the province. Such non-payment of dues have adversely affected the functions of SITE. The minister reminded that in the year 2008-09, the budget deficit of SITE stood at Rs152 million and will touch the figure of Rs295 million for the year 2009-10. With such heavy budgetary deficit non-payment of outstanding dues to the tune of Rs1200 million will play havoc with organisation in the years to come. In order to put SITE back on track, the minister directed officers to take stringent action for recovery against District Government KESC Police department & Labour department whose outstanding dues stand at Rs20 million, 20m, 32m and 58 million respectively.