This is apropos a news item published in your daily on 14-07-2009 "New System to Distribute Food Stamps Introduced" by Syed Danish Hussain. Although the contents of the news item absolve the Pakistan Post from any wrongdoing, the impression given is as if the Pakistan Post did not fulfill its responsibilities. You would appreciate that the Pakistan Post has so far distributed 9.7 million money orders to 1.32 million beneficiaries during the last 10 months. Some 12, 000 Postal Officers/Officials were involved in this massive task. In view of the volume of work, 167 complaints against the disbursement of 9.7 million money orders can be termed as negligible. But Pakistan Post took these complaints seriously, took serious action against the defaulters and terminated the services of culprits. It is pertinent to mention that 98% of the money orders issued were paid to their addressees who expressed complete satisfaction. Our investigation reveals that majority of such complaints are not related to service/delivery but a consequence of political rivalries/differences that embarrass the department. -NASIR HASAN, Deputy Postmaster General (Admin), Lahore, July 20.