ISLAMABAD (APP) - A solar eclipse, second in the series of triple eclipses will occur on July 23 and will be visible in Pakistan, India, China, Japanese islands and the South Pacific Ocean, said meteorological calculations. This rare astronomical event of triple eclipses has started from July this year and will occur across the world including Pakistan. According to Pakistan Meteorological Dept's calculations, the solar eclipse will start at 00:53 Universal Time, it will be witnessed at 6:53 according to Pakistan Standard Times. The eclipse will end on 4:18 UT while the greatest eclipse will be at 8:35 UT. A penumbral eclipse of the moon was witnessed on July 7 which was not be visible in the country. The data collected by APP revealed that another penumbral eclipse of the moon will occur on August 06 which will be visible from Europe, Africa and South America. It will not be visible to the naked eye and partially visible in Pakistan at the time of moon set. The eclipse will begin at 23:01 UT and end on 2:17 and the greatest eclipse will be at 00:39, according to Universal Time. A partial eclipse of the moon will also occur in Dec this year which will be best visible from the Northern Canada, Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Artic regions and will also be visible from Pakistan.