LAHORE - At least 708 cinemas out of 750 have dropped the curtains in Punjab owing to various reasons including poor quality product and lack of visionary thoughts in films. Out of total 91 cinemas working in entire Pakistan, 42 cinema were operational in Punjab while 140 licence holders were waiting for nod of provincial government. The cinemas-owners are reluctant to invest owing to the inconsistent policy of the government as Punjab government has levied new taxes on already crumbling industry. That is why cinema owners are pessimists to get benefit from this business. Pakistan Films Exhibitors Associations Chairman Jahanzeb Baig told this scribe on Monday that the industry would take about 10 years for its revival to gain its lost glory. He said we were striving hard to build industry on latest pattern and in this respect we are working on new prospects. The cinema industry was a huge institution of public gathering in late 1970 but during next two decades it confronted disastrous situation, when it failed to attract viewers, as a result this industry seems to present deserted look. There were many factors behind this sorry state of affairs of the industry. The first and foremost was less support from the government. No doubt the director is captain of the ship and his creativity plays an integral role in the success of any film but for this task, he needed competent team including a visionary producer. But unluckily, all this paraphernalia seems an outcry in our industry. One could observe the situation, as all the cinemas were either being closed or converted into to other business activity. That is why only 8 to 9 cinemas were operational in the city. Jahanzeb said it was absurd to blame Indian films for this state of affairs, as viewers demand 'quality in films and they had no concerns with Indian or Pakistani film. If our industry began to produces few products then you will see even Indian market would provide you space for penetrating. As 'Chorian and 'Majajan can be quoted as best example in this regard, as these films attracted the attention of audience despite having pure local features. If any producer works on genuine ideas and visualises the scenes in genuine context then definitely his film earns huge business, moreover it will force the owners to open his cinema, Jahanzeb argued. He said if we were sincere in improvement then we should boost our local production. The producers, directors, actors even everyone related to industry was responsible for this collateral decline, though a few individuals houses including of Shehzad Gull were working better, he added. Moreover there are other factors which causing damage to this industry as the cable had educated public about quality of film. And now viewers learn the quality of the film while sitting at their homes. He however was optimist that Syed Noor, Madam Sangeeta along with others renowned directors were taking keen interest to restore the vanished glory of the limping industry. Jahanzeb said that cinema was dependent on quality-product, adding we had to change the whole disappointed environment of the industry and showed the nation a hope of new film industry. The cinemas could be made operational on this premises that everyone would provide ones efforts for the betterment of industry.