Pakistan should be restructured to make 20-25 provinces. Devolution would then be better served and autonomy more positive. The federation would be strengthened too. The time to bite the bullet is now when a democratically-elected government is at the helm. It may be recorded here that the current provincial boundaries were formulated by the British. They do not date back any older than that, and yet, we safeguard this 'heritage' as if it is sacrosanct. It is actually less than 150 years old. Pakistan needs about 20-25 provinces, each with a similar population/area relationship so that there is no 'big brother', 'scapegoat' or 'hedgemonist' and most politically inspired ethnic matters are immediately allayed. It would lay the structural foundations of de-centralization and equal development of all areas. Such a structure could make the politician more accessible and accountable. Indeed, it would set up conditions for real democracy. The government should make this a priority of great importance and make changes in the constitution to keep the Senate diversely represented. -MUZAFFAR A. GHAFFAAR, Lahore, July 7.