UNITED NATIONS - Ghanas former president John Kufuor was Monday named a Global Ambassador against Hunger - with a focus on the need to provide good nutrition for the 66 million children who go to school hungry every day - for the UN World Food Programme (WFP). Ensuring that every child has proper nutrition has to be the goal of every world leader, Kufuor said. With his appointment, he joins other ambassadors for the agency, including marathon runner Paul Tergat, the footballer Kaka, actress Drew Barrymore and former United States Senator George McGovern, in advocating on behalf of the worlds poorest and hungriest. With the number of hungry people in the world expected to top one billion this year, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran said that Kufuors support is crucial. Ghana is a leader in nourishing its children and Ambassador Kufuor can be a leader in getting others to follow his good work. As WFP Ambassador, the former Ghanaian leader will also stress the need to fight hunger on several fronts: investment in long-term agricultural development, funding the agencys work and helping the poor access affordable and nutritious food.