LAHORE - Pakistan Cricket Board's Director Game Development Aamer Sohail Monday resigned from the lucrative PCB post after reportedly developing serious differences with PCB chairman Ijaz Butt. Sohail claimed that resignation was tendered in a bid to revive his career as a television commentator. However, sources close to both Aamer Sohail and chairman Ijaz Butt confirmed that both of them had developed serious differences. Aamer Sohail had reportedly confided to his friends that he tried to develop a working relationship with the chairman, but somehow it didn't work. The official word from Sohail, however, was different. He said he wasn't getting 'job satisfaction' and so he decided to resign and was interested in reviving his career as a television commentator. Sources in the PCB claim that apart from Butt, Sohail had also issues with director-human resource Wasim Bari. It is also worth a mention that earlier this month he was issued show cause notice by Bari for failing to attend an ICC course in London. At that time, Sohail said that he skipped the course because of his wife's illness. After Javed Miandad and Abdul Qadir, this is the third high profile resignation, indeed sacking, in the board in the last few months (though to the chagrin of the chairman Miandad made a strong comeback to reoccupy his position by using his political connection). Interestingly, all these three appointments were made by Mr Butt himself. And all three were supposed to be the most important personnel in implementing whatever was Mr Butt's still publicly unspecified vision. With changes in key positions taking place so rapidly in the board, this indeed is a valid question as to how efficiently the Board is being run.