The Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh President Shahi Syed on Thursday demanded Swat-like military operation in Karachi in order to establish writ of the state. Talking to media after attending meeting of Pakhtun Action Committee Loya Jirga here Thursday Shahi Syed said military operation was necessary for normalizing situation in the mega city where dozens of people were being killed daily in addition to burning and looting of properties. "Military operation is the only solution for achieving everlasting peace in the city of millions" he emphasised. He stressed that the code of conduct, agreed among all political parties, should be fully implemented in the city. Shahi Syed complained that Pakhtun localities were ignored during the era of local governments and called for paying attention to the areas inhabited by Pakhtuns so that they could also benefit from the health,education and clean drinking water facilities. He demanded compensation to the owners of vehicles which were burnt during violent demonstrations in the city.