KARACHI - Joint Action Committee of PIA Employees (JACPIAE) has expressed its reservations on the code-sharing agreement between Pakistan and Turkey that is nonetheless mutual but PIA will suffer financial losses on the routes given to it. JACPIAE officials said that PIA employees are bewildered as after the code-sharing agreement, Turkish Airline will operate four flights from Istanbul-Karachi-Dhaka and three flights Istanbul-Islamabad whereas PIA will operate four flights from Pakistan-Istanbul and three flights from Pakistan-Ankara. They said that Ministry of Defence, Pakistan CAA did not consider the national airlines interest in this code-sharing which is evident from the two-way flights of Turkish Airline for Dhaka on which it is getting sufficient number of passengers but on the other hand, PIA is unable to take advantage of the code-sharing agreement. Though the new code-sharing is different from the agreement made by the former PIA management in which it handed over all routes to Turkish Airline, but in this code-sharing, PIA will operate the same number of flights as Turkish Airline. JACPIAE spokesman said that Islamabad-Abu Dhabi-Istanbul was not a profitable route due to less number of passengers as no deliberation was done by the marketing department of PIA about the passenger load and to make the said route profitable and viable, eventually PIA had to shut down route. He suggested that PIA should find new profitable routes in Europe via Istanbul, Ankara through code-sharing agreement like Turkish Airline has done and is operating Dhaka via Karachi. Spokesman cited the example of code-sharing agreement between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan which was made on equal terms and both the countries will get 16,000 passengers each per week. Saudi Airline has the advantage of cheaper fuel and low fares giving it competitive edge over PIA but as the code-sharing has been made on equal terms, PIA employees feel that the national flag carrier will have to improve itself vis--vis fare and service in order to compete with the Saudi Airline. It is a custom that before making a code-sharing agreement final, Pakistan CAA discusses the pros and cons of the agreement with aviation experts especially of the national flag carrier, so that the interest of the country and PIA is kept paramount. JACPIAE officials requested Ministry of Defence, Pakistan CAA and PIA administration to give preference to the future and employment security of the thousands of PIA employees while signing such agreements as non-profitable routes can never favourable for national airline which has already suffered huge losses during past few years.