LAHORE The Defence Housing Authority has displayed signboards alongside the roads in different parts of the residential locality and warned its inhabitants to keep a vigilant eye on the activities of foreigners and suspected elements in order to unearth spying network in the posh locality. The DHA authorities have displayed signboards inscribed with This locality is being watched by neighbours in W, C and Z blocks of the housing society. Sources said that the authorities took the initiatives after a large number of local residents complained to the administration that the foreigners residing in the area were involved in suspicious activities. Local residents said that a large number of foreigners were residing in DHA either in rented houses or as paying guests. They said that the foreigners equipped with sophisticated spying gadgets and automatic weapons, were frequently seen roaming in the posh area. A resident also told this reporter that the locals are quite worried about the suspicious activities of the foreigners. He said that several residents had complained to the DHA administration that some foreign elements were trying to hack their cellular and landline phones besides other communication network. The DHA has displayed the signboards at all the leading arteries to create awareness among the local residents and to a keep check on their activities. Control wheelies: Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir has appealed to the parents to restrain their children from indulging in the deadly sport of one-wheeling, taking place at City roads on each weekend, and cooperate with the police in this regard. The CCPO has also ordered the police to take stern action against one-wheelers and those found involved riding without silencer motorcycles. He said that special teams had been constituted to take action against youngsters involved in such negative activities, whereas traffic wardens, Mohafiz Force, Mobile Squad, Elite Force and SHOs would take concrete steps to restrain the youth from such dangerous activities. Raza further directed all divisional SPs to keep vigilant eye at criminal elements, hotels, buses, wagons stands, and at entry and exit points of the City. According to a police spokesman, he said that the police had arrested 584 one-wheelers and registered 567 cases against them during the last six months during its special crackdown against one-wheeling.