ISLAMABAD At a time when people across the country are facing miseries of loadshedding, government, from many available solutions, is opting for none and now it is straightforwardly refusing to give any timeframe to end loadshedding. As per reliable sources, the government could easily save up to 3,000 megawatt electricity if the competent people would be available to run the countrys affairs. It is just about taking the initiatives and following them properly and the solutions are there. As per a report, there are 2,60,000 tubewells in the country which are being run on electricity and the government had a plan in the papers to convert those tube wells on solar energy. These tube wells consume a sanctioned load of 2,500 megawatt in the peak seasons. The second thing is streetlights across the country which consume a sanctioned load of 400 megawatt. If both of them could have been converted to solar energy, the country would be in a much better position. The problem is that these plans are restricted to papers and the government is not taking any practical steps to resolve the energy crisis rather it has opted a policy to refuse giving time to masses to end loadshedding in the country. It is also pertinent to mention here that the President Asif Ali Zardaris tours to China apparently had this thing on the agenda to promote solar energy in Pakistan. Memorandum of Understandings were also signed with some companies but after that every thing got spoiled in commission lusts. It is also worth mentioning here that converting tube wells to solar energy is not worth more than Rs 50 billion even if the government imports the equipment on its own but as a matter of fact the cost would be much lesser for the government because the framers would also be ready to pay for that to some extent.