HAFIZABAD - Journalists community of Hafizabad, Jalalpur Bhattian, Pindi Bhattian, Sukheke Mandi took out a protest rally against the highhandedness of Jalalpur Bhattian SHO Arshad Sheikhoo. They condemned ransacking of office of representative of a national daily and threat to an electronic channel representative Dr Haq Nawaz Jalali in Jalalpur Bhattian here on Wednesday. The Journalists across the district gathered in the press club Hafizabad where the speakers said that some influential landlords of Jalalpur Bhattian attacked the office of Dr Jalali, broken windowpanes and ransacked the furniture and other equipments and threatened him with 'dire consequences. After a great struggle, a case was registered against the accused but SHO Arshad Sheikhoo was reluctant to arrest the accused as they belong to PML-N MPAs group who was patronizing the accused. Later, the journalists took out a rally and stage a sit-in at Fawara Chowk and near Railway Gate and blocked traffic for more than two hour by burning tyres on the road. Later, they marched towards the DPO office (about 3 km) in scorching hot weather where they staged a sit-in. They were raising slogans against the PML-N MPA and SHO and demanded arrest of the accused involved in 'gonda gardi towards Dr Jalali and immediate suspension of the SHO. The sit-in continued for more than an hour when the worthy DPO reluctantly came out of office and met them and called them inside the office for negotiations. The journalists were demanding immediate suspension of the SHO but the DPO refused to do so and assured that after holding an inquiry he would take appropriate action. Later, the journalists dispensed peacefully. LAND DISPUTE CLAIMS LIFE: A villager in Parr Khusroo was shot dead by five persons due to a dispute over a piece of land here on Wednesday. According to police, Muhammad Hanif had a dispute with Muhammad Amjad over the distribution of 6 kanals of land. Amjad hired five assassins including Sajid who raided the field where Muhammad Hanif was working and shot at and killed him on the spot. The police have registered a case against Muhammad Sajid and four unidentified accused.