In line with its policy of treating Palestinians as animals forcing them to live in remaining slum-like settlements, cutting them off from the rest of the world, Israel had no compunction in seizing the French yacht on Tuesday carrying a group of pro-Palestine activists. Israel has made it clear that it would cross all limits in preventing the people from around the world from reaching out to the Palestinians and expressing their solidarity. Indeed the Army spokesman bragged that the operation was conducted without violence. It was as if the supporters on board the yacht were armed and by conducting the operation 'without violence was something of an achievement. Have the conscientious people of the world forgotten what Israel did last year, when armed commandoes stormed a Gaza-bound aid flotilla and killed 19 innocent civilians in cold blood? To all intents and purposes, it was a premeditated attack and was a warning to the world community to stay away from helping the Palestinian people. Though it was heartening that the world community came out with a firm reaction especially Turkey that warned Israel in no uncertain terms of dire consequences of its brutal act perhaps that explains why this time around the Israelis did not gun down the activists but it is sad that with the passage of time, the fervour and determination that was created in the aftermath of the massacre internationally to take up the cause of the Palestinians has vanished. Instead of forcing Israel to give up its forceful and illegal occupation, the world community seems to be toeing the Jerusalems line on the dispute. This latest incident of stopping the French yacht should bring home to the Western capitals the broad day state terrorism being carried out by Israel. It must not turn its back on the people in Gaza who are starving and are even without medical supplies. The UN has already stated that the supplies that Israel is allowing inside Gaza are far below than what is required by the population. The world must come forward to rescue the Palestinians.