LAKKI MARWAT - Hundreds of goats were buried alive when a mountainous mound fell upon them in Ghundi Husankhel, area of frontier region Lakki, reports said Wednesday. According to reports reached here from the tribal region, goats herds were grazing in the mountainous area when suddenly a mound slipped and fell upon them. Resultantly, over 700 goats reportedly died, causing a huge loss to the herdsmen. To keep cattle herds is the major source of livelihood for the poor tribesmen of the Lakki frontier region, said a tribal chief Malik Zaitullah Bettanni. He said that mass scale death of goats as a result of mound fall had inflicted great financial loss on poor tribesmen, requesting the political administration and higher government quarters concerned to compensate the losses of affected herdsmen. Meanwhile, over two dozen tribesmen held a demonstration in the district headquarters complex Tajazai to demand the transfer of political clerk. Carrying placards the protesters led by Malik Zaitullah and others gathered outside the office of political agent in Tajazai complex. The tribal elders alleged that the political clerk was responsible for keeping several tribal clans deprived of their due share in uplift schemes. They said that several clerks belonging to Bettanni tribe were serving in the FR Lakki political administration so a clerk hailing from the tribal region should be posted against the post of political clerk. Later, the elders called on political agent Nisar Ahmad in his office and apprised him of their demands and problems. A tribal chief Malik Zaitullah told this correspondent that political agent assured them that the genuine demands of the tribesmen would be fulfilled on priority basis.