From the awfully clumsy and non-serious manner in which the country is being administered, one fails to understand whether we are ruled by educated, matured, competent and enlightened political leaders or by a group of jokers. While the country is burning under the flames of terrorism, lawlessness, poverty, unemployment, crime, unprecedented rise in the prices of consumer goods and all sorts of evils, the leaders are enjoying a luxurious life at home as well as on foreign tours too often. They seem absolutely unconcerned about the problems faced by the people. This is the most heart breaking aspect that the nation is bearing as a fate accompli, the other being their language which may be amusing but certainly unbecoming of the leaders of national stature. The words and phrase they use are the type spoken in the theatrical plays. Remember, after taking over the throne of Presidency Mr. Asif Ali Zardari remarked political agreements are neither Quran nor Hadith. After some time when the issue of fake degrees appeared on the scene one of the leaders said, degree is a degree whether real or fake. Now when the beautiful city of Karachi is under the siege of terrorists with target killing taking a heavy toll of life the Hon. Interior Minister Rahman Malik has come out with a strange logic. Commenting on the situation he remarked, 'while 30 percent people are killed by the terrorists the other 70 percent become the targets of their estranged wives and girl friends. By making such a stupid remark the Minister perhaps tried to find a way to shirk his responsibility towards restoring peace in Karachi. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, July 17.