LAHORE The LPG distributors have refused to pay Rs 25,000 as registration fee to get NOC from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority to sell the liquefied gas. The OGRA on June 28 via a letter no ogra.lpg/17 (55/09) had asked the LPG marketing companies to ensure the registration from all the distributors with the Regulatory Authority within a month. The marketing companies had passed the OGRAs instruction to about 8,000 listed distributors across the country. But the distributors are unwilling to pay the fee. It is learnt that about 12,000 distributors are doing business of LPG distribution across the country and among them 8,000 are listed with the OGRA. And if they paid the proposed fee, the Regulatory Authority could collect Rs 300 million. We are already paying one Rs10,000 to 1,50000 to marketing companies in terms of security fee and are not in a position to pay 25,000 more to OGRA, said All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association Vice-chairman Attique Khan. He claimed the fee was illegal, saying the Authority was doing tactics to accumulate money. He was of the view that the OGRA had no legal right to receive fee from the distributors.