Tahir Khokhar and Saleem Butt of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) defeated their rivals and clinched Azad Kashmir assembly seats of LA-30 and 36 in Karachi, reported a private TV channel. Unofficial vote count at all polling stations set up in the constituency showed Tahir Khokhar in a lead with 31414 votes against his rivals while Saleem Butt took 46000 votes. Pakistan Peoples party had withdrawn its candidates in MQMs favour. Jawad R Awan from Lahore adds: PML-N has taken the lead over MQM from provincial capital in the elections for Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assemblys (AJKLA) constituency (LA-30, Jammu-1) with a big margin, while the MQM claimed foul play. According to unofficial results PML-Ns Mirza Abdul Rasheed secured 10,789 votes, while MQMs Tahir Khokhar got only 66 votes. The total votes cast were 11,137 out of 12,558 registered votes of refugees of Occupied Jammu in the provincial metropolis and the turnout surfaced as 90 per cent. The polling for Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA) constituency (LA-30, Jammu-1) was held in peaceful manner in the City on Wednesday with the exception of minor incidents of exchange of hot words at some polling stations between the activists of the two parties over the issue of voters lists. The AJKLA seat (LA-30, Jammu-1) falls in Pakistan as the share of refugees of Occupied Jammu, which resides mainly in Sindh, Balochistan and some districts of Punjab. The main contestants were PML-Ns Mirza Abdul Rasheed and MQMs contender Tahir Khokhar, as the PPP and Muslim Conference had withdrawn their candidates in favour of the MQM. The withdrawal of PPP from this AJKLA constituency made the festivity at the polling less enthusiastic, while the MQM did not enjoy meaningful support in the provincial capital being a new political party in Punjab and the polling exercise seemed one-way traffic because of PML-N party mens heavy presence at the 22 polling stations allocated for the City. The MNAs, MPAs, provincial, City chapter leaders of PML-N alongwith party workers remained present at the polling stations throughout the polling process. They had set up election camps in front of each polling station, while the MQM established only few camps. A major incident of exchange of hot words took place at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Ravi Road near Pir Makki between MQM candidate, Tahir Khokhar and PML-N MNA, Bilal Yaseen over MQMs allegations regarding ballot box stuffing by the PML-N, while minor incidents of voters lists also occurred on some other polling stations. MQM candidate, Tahir Khokhar talking to The Nation accused the PML-N of massive rigging in provincial metropolis besides use of force against his partys voters for stopping them casting their votes. However, the PML-N leaders said that big margin on part of their candidate once again established the fact that Lahoriites always remembered Nawaz Sharifs sacrifices for the restoration of democracy. The major chunk of voters of (LA-30, Jammu-1) lies in Lahore and Sargodha. The polling also took place in Sargodha, Sheikhupura, Jhang, Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Multan and Vehari, besides Lahore.