DOHA (INP) - Qaeda chief Osama bin Ladens fourth eldest son Omar has said that he doesnt hold a grudge against US President Barack Obama for his fathers slaying. I dont hate Obama for killing my father. He did what he had to do. He was at war with my father. My father had spent his time and all the money he could get to fight his enemies. He was Americas worst enemy, reported The Sun quoting Omar as saying. Obama and Hillary Clinton did what they had to do, but they werent smiling about it. People had been killed. Presidents Bush and Clinton had tried, but failed to kill my father. It has made Obama very popular, he added. He added that he had expected that his father would be killed one day, but admitted that it was still a big shock. I loved him, he was my father. I didnt agree with what he did - I only believe in peace - but that doesnt mean I couldnt love him as a father. I didnt cry, I never cry, I dont know why, but I dont, Omar said. When I heard news my whole life flashed through my mind like a movie. All the good and bad times, in Sudan and Afghanistan with my father when I was younger, he added.