LAHORE (PPI) - Punjab Board of Investment & Trade (PBIT) and Diverse Learning Concepts (DLC) Worldwide, inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), agreeing to provide PBIT with an up-to-date and need-based training for capacity building of its employees. The MoU was signed by Chief Executive Officer PBIT, Dr Sajid Yoosufani, while his UK counterpart, Alan Linden signed the MoU on behalf of DLC Worldwide. As per the MoU, DLC will provide need-based training to enhance knowledge and skills of PBIT employees. Speaking on the occasion, the CEO, PBIT Dr. Sajid Yoosufani welcomed DLC worldwide in Punjab and ensured provision of maximum facilitation for achieving the objectives underlined in the MoU in the larger interest of province. The Chief Executive Officer of DLC Worldwide, Alan Linden expressed his pleasure at the occasion and declared it to be the beginning of a life long relationship of dialog and exchange of aspirations, PBIT & DLC aspire to achieve in future. DLC Worldwide, is a UK based skill development organization that supports the multi-national organizations across the globe in the development of internal training facilities, supports colleges, universities and training providers internationally in a number of areas.