LAHORE The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) has started the Community Action for Disaster Response programme training in Pakistan in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority. This training programme has been developed by Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) in collaboration with USAID & American Red Cross and now ADPC is conducting it in Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan and other countries of the region. The Rescue Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer said that this CADRE program was meant to increase local awareness and response capacity to reduce mortality and create better prepared and more resilient communities. He said that this course should be locally adapted to also sensatise communities for prevention of emergencies and disaster mitigation thus promoting safety culture in Pakistan. The two weeks pilot course has been started here at Emergency Services Academy that would conclude at development of instructors to adopt the program according to the needs of the country. The contents of training include identification of hazards, organising community response group, first aid and basic life support, Incident Command System, basic search and rescue and management of fire and water emergencies.