PARACHINAR (INP) - Owing to persistent rise in unlawful activities, the political administration of Kurram Agency on Wednesday suspended privileges of various tribes living in Upper and Lower Kurram Agency under the collective responsibility clause of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR). According to the FCR law enacted to deal with the tribal living in the bordering area, the political administration imposed a ban on payment of salary to government servants, issuing of domicile certificates to the locals and other privileges of various tribes living in Lower and Upper Kurram under the collective responsibility. The political administration has already rounded up several tribesmen under the FCR. Meanwhile, six militants were killed and four sustained injuries, while six local tribesmen were also wounded during an exchange of fire between the militants and locals in Nikaziarat area of Central Kurram on Wednesday. Sources said the militants and local tribesmen opened fire at each other and in the ensuing gun battle six insurgents were killed and four wounded in Nikaziarat area while six tribesmen also sustained wounds in the clash. The injured were shifted to a hospital but the incident sparked panic among the locals. Meanwhile, one Mohammad Khan was gunned down and six others were wounded by armed men of rival group who exchanged fire over construction of house in Kochi area of Kurram Agency. The political administration the agency registered a case whose timely interference pacified the warring rival groups.