LAHORE Speakers at a condolence reference here on Wednesday said that the rulers were busy looting the national wealth and it was the high time that the masses to stand up and check their ill doings. The fact is, the present top politicians come home and go out under agreements and they come back to the country only to loot the national wealth. What sympathy and pains these politicians can have for the poor when they are themselves rooted abroad where their children live and asserts exist, said President Tehrike Istaqlal Rahman Khan Virdug, President Istaqlal Party Manzoor Ali Gillani, and others while speaking at the condolence reference held for the former President of Tehrike Istaqlal Malik Hamid Sarfraz at Karachi Hall of the Lahore High Court Bar Association on Wednesday. The speakers also including ANP Central Secretary General Ehsan Wyne, PMLs Begum Mahnaz Rafi, Qari Zawar Bahadur, Col Dr Abid Siddique (son in law of the deceased) and Fazalur Rehman praised Malik Hamid Sarfraz for his commitment to the politics of ideology and principles, his constant efforts against jagirdars and dynasty politics. The 64-years span of political life of the deceased is without any taint of dishonesty, disloyalty, and avarice, they said, Rahman Vardug said he found his political mentor in Hamid Sarfraz. He rejected the present system as obsolete and ineffective to deliver the poor out of the quagmire of problems. Without changing the system, the poor would not get their rights and if the situation remains the same, even repeated elections would not bring any good to the masses and work to change their fate, he added. The present system, he said, did not give room to the layman to get to the power therefore a specific group of privileged politicians whether in the rule or the Opposition, will continue to come to the power. He said our rulers were slaves to American wishes so much so that America and India were blatantly doing terrorist acts in Pakistan. Todays Taliban are the same people whom America got together from all over the world calling them Mujahideen but we lack spirit to tell this truth to America, Vardug further added. He said in present day politics we didnt have any substitution for the existing corrupt lot of politicians in power and the situation demands of every political party of ideology to join hands to provide an alternative to the present selfish lot of politicians. He said the people were once again being duped and looted in the name of democracy. Manzoor Ali Gillani said despite the facts serious odds were confronting the masses, no point of disappointment and dismay. He said the masses were still alive to the situation and once they got a proper and able leadership they would begin to take discreet decisions and only this could change the on going politics of loot and plundering.