KARACHI - The MQM titanic hit Zardari-iceberg and developed holes which would need gargantuan efforts to repair the damage and to re-float the ship in the political waters, analysts believed. For-a-moments poor decision to come back into the government fold by sending Governor Ishrat-ul-Ebad to resume his duty as Sindh governor, the urban-based Sindh party has suffered an irreparable loss. The three-decade long struggle of sweat and blood has unfortunately squandered by taking an unpopular decision. The analysts believe even the diehard MQM supporters are against the party for coming back into the fold of government but what was the compulsion that forced MQM to take a U-turn would be discussed by all and sundry. The former MQM ministers who sounded articulated, wise and full of wisdom struggled for words and thoughts to defend the decision of returning to the coalition fold in interviews on electronic media. President Zardari has outwitted all his political foes and analysts by wooing the MQM back into the government fold as he has withdrawn PPP candidates from two AJK seats of Karachi leaving the MQM and the PML-N in field to contest the elections against each other. All was done in the highest national interests. The analysts are of the view that Zardari had hit two birds with one stone. He enticed the MQM by leaving electoral field open for it while on the other hand the dream of PML-N to forge a grand alliance against the PPP was smashed to pieces. The MQM decision to come back in the coalition is like shutting the door of the barn after all the horses have bolted away. The biggest award the MQM achieved from its latest decision was to get both the Karachi seats in AJK elections. The vitriolic outburst of Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza against migrants was simply an intelligent move in a dramatic game of political chess. The MQMs reaction was so harsh that they separated from the coalition with which they remained as an active partner for three and half years. Analysts believe that moves from both parties were part of a well thought plan, which provided face saving to both of them. The MQMs 'quit-rejoin, quit-rejoin policy has dealt a severe blow to the party and tarnished its image among its constituents, analysts believed. In the whole scenario, the ANP, which played its cards cleverly, emerged gainer. The ANP leadership made too sharp a move: when they distanced themselves from the outburst of Zulfiqar Mirza against migrants and by welcoming MQMs return and choosing a low political profile in the whole episode. Political analysts praised the moves of PPP in the whole short-lived crises. The PPP preferred to give weight to the sentiments of their constituents instead of fighting for its ego and the MQM did just the opposite of it, thus losing a divine opportunity that would have rocketed its political credibility high in the country. By coming back to the coalition fold, the MQM has earned the reputation of being an unreliable political party. For over three decades the MQM had fought tooth and nail to remove the general perception that it was not a democratic party as their opponents had alleged. They did every thing in their power to remove the stigma of being muscle men and now they have to do something extraordinary to remove the recently earned stigma of being unreliable party.