Twenty one villages of Pasrur tehsil here were inundated due to high level flood in Nullah Dek. According to Metrological Department, there is high level flood in River Jhelum near Mangla.

The flood water splashed over the banks of Nullah Dek in Chahoor village due to recent flash rains in Sialkot region inundating 21 villages including Jabbokey, Nawaadhey, Chahoor, Machchaana, Eispur, Seehowal, Mehtabpur, Hunjali, Qila , Kaka Pan, Punj Graayien Bajwa, Sojowali and Saarh Fataah.

The flow of flood water in the nullah was 26,500 cusecs near village Mehtabpur-Hunjali, Pasrur tehsil. The standing seasonal crops on hundreds of acres of land were also inundated in Pasrur tehsil. District Coordination Officer Malik Abid Hussain Awan visited the flood-hit villages and said that the situation was under control in the villages.

A private TV report adds: Several villages have been submerged due to high level flood in Nullah Dek. Standing crops were submerged under flood water while residents of nearby localities are moving to safer places. According to Metrological Department, there is high level flood in River Jhelum near Mangla. River Chenab has attained a high flood at various places including Marala and Khanki and Qadirabad.

Water in the River Kabul has increased to a middle level in Nowshera. Torrential rains could increase flood threat, said Chief Metriologist Malik Riaz. Water level in Mangla currently stands at 1,516ft whereas in Tarbela the level is recorded at 1,202ft.

As per another staff reporter, the water level is souring up in all the three rivers Chenab, Jammu Munaawar and Tavi and seasonal Nullahs Aik, Dek, Palkhu and Bhed in Sialkot district due to fresh spell of heavy rains in the region and in all the catchment areas of neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Following the forecast of high floods in River Chenab by Flood Forecasting Division, all the departments concerned have been put on high alert as they were continuously monitoring the flood situation in River Chenab at Head Marala Barrage near Sialkot. According to the Flood Forecasting Division, River Chenab might be in high flood at Head Marala near Sialkot during the next 24 hours here.

The water level was souring up, as the flow of water was 100,200 cusecs in River Chenab at Head Marala. The flow of water was 20,000 cusecs in Nullah Aik near Oora-Sialkot, added the officials of Sialkot Irrigation.

The DCO said that Sialkot district has been divided into 22 sectors to avert the recurring flood threats under a foolproof flood protection plan, besides, establishing 33 flood relief centres in Sialkot district.

He revealed that all the departments concerned had been put on high alert. He said that the special vigilance teams were monitoring the flood situation in River Chenab round the clock. All the necessary anti-flood preventive measures had been completed. The DCO added that the district administration had completed all the necessary preventive arrangements to save the Sialkot district from floods.