CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA:  A new husband is celebrating after the wedding ring he lost on his honeymoon on Australia's Great Barrier Reef was found by other divers just days later.

Eirian Evans, 29, of Cardiff, was snorkelling with his bride Bethan off Green Island, Cairns, when the silver ring slipped off his finger into coral.

Scuba school divers searched for the ring for hours with no luck and the couple returned to Wales without it.

But the ring is now back on his finger after arriving by post from Down Under.

Mr Evans had an email in the middle of the night to say the wedding band had been found by another customer of the scuba school who saw it glinting in the coral.

He said: "Because the ring was new and I'm not used to wearing rings I had been playing with it non-stop since our wedding day. Mrs Evans said: "I was so shocked and relieved when we found out someone had found it." –BBC