The oft-experienced phenomenon of autocratic military rule in Pakistan is nothing but the behavioural manifestation of some of the top military brass. Regrettably, some of these bulls often mange to enter the ‘china sop’ and cause destruction and damage. They have always been eager to exploit the weakness and follies of the ‘hibernating bears’ – the politicians. Ironically, the bulls always find a ‘red rag’ in the hands of these bears thereby making their violent behaviour justified. Ironically, those who are supposed to ‘harness’ them, have never intervened to stop them from doing so. Instead, they have been instrumental validating their actions by relying on some provisions in the ‘law of the jungle.’

Now, for the first time in the history of the jungle, a bear, in the lion’s clothing is going to flog a dead bull. However, hobbling a caged bull alone will not serve the purpose unless his helpers are also trapped and punished. Besides this, it is very important that all the bears should take these bulls by the horns, united and courageously, at the time when they try to enter the china shop again. Otherwise, I am afraid; this ‘bullish’ behaviour is likely to be repeated in future.


Lahore, July 17.